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Re: Dissatisfied w/Debian? Make something 'pure'.

According to Joseph Carter:
> On Mon, Jun 12, 2000 at 12:52:26AM -0700, Chip Salzenberg wrote:
> > I wasn't thinking of you when I was writing.  I can't help it if you
> > see yourself in a description of unnamed third parties.
> Your third parties are pretty clear: anyone supporting this GR.

No!  I'm trying to point out that this GR is the nose of the camel.
If you disagree, it's not necessarily because _you_ are planning to
take things further, but perhaps because you don't believe that anyone
else _would_.  Only time will tell, unless they tip their hand....

> > The GR isn't dead yet.  ("I'm not dead yet!  I'm feeling better!")
> Bah, even John is skeptical of the likelyhood the GR's passage.

Yeah, well, nobody thought Truman would defeat Dewey, either.
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"I wanted to play hopscotch with the impenetrable mystery of existence,
    but he stepped in a wormhole and had to go in early."  // MST3K

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