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Re: Dissatisfied w/Debian? Make something 'pure'.

On Sun, Jun 11, 2000 at 11:49:07PM -0700, Chip Salzenberg wrote:
> > Considering the statement in the SC that Debian is 100% Free Software,
> > a less-free movement within Debian would violate the Social Contract [...]
> Not if the DSFG were changed.  Redefining terms ("free") is a powerful
> tool of propaganda ... for good and for bad.

Slippery slope fallacy.

> > > I'm making the point that lots of DFSG-free software isn't RMS-free.
> > > So once zealots have lopped off non-free and contrib, what's next?
> > > I believe that they won't stop until everything non-GPL is gone.  So
> > > let's just hold the line where it is and carry on.
> > 
> > This insinuation is groundless.
> It's not an insinuation, it's a prediction.  I'm prepared to be proven
> wrong.  But I'd rather see the resolution defeated, and never find out.

Slippery slope fallacy.

> > The FSF doesn't even believe that only the (L)GPL counts as Free
> > Software [...]
> Granted.  This isn't empty speculation, it's informed speculation.
> RMS, and thus the FSF would rather see effort go into GPL'd code than
> non-GPL'd code.  And the simple fact of that preference, in and of
> itself, has resulted in led to unjust criticism of e.g. the Apache
> project.  Are such unfair criticism somehow impossible within Debian?
> I think not.

And I would oppose such tooth and nail.  Richard knows I would, and by now
so should you.  You're accusing me (by stereotype) of a position I do not

> The DSFG is, essentially, an arbitrary standard.  It's a *good*
> arbitrary standard, I think.  But can you really expect it to stand
> without challenge once it is the only obstacle to making the Debian
> project more, more, ever more ideologically pure?  I can't.

Good gods will you STOP already?

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