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Dissatisfied w/Debian? Make something 'pure'.

According to Craig Sanders:
> one of the reasons for our initial split with the FSF was precisely
> that kind of intolerant fanatacism. the FSF wished to impose
> restrictions on us and require us to do things that we did not want.

It occurs to me that developers dissatisfied with Debian's toleration
of non-free would serve the community best, not by trying to change
Debian's character at this late date, but by working with the FSF to
create something new and ideologically pure.

Such a new project would Make A Statement.  And, more important to me,
it would avert any further attempts to explode Debian from within.

Of course, almost no one would use GNU Purity [not tm [yet]].  And it
would always be in flux, because RMS is prone to change his definition
of "free" from time to time.

But, hey, what are practical questions when dogma is involved?
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