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Re: ITP: hanterm, hanterm-fonts-johab

On Wed, Nov 03, 1999 at 02:22:26PM +0900, Chu-yeon Park wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 03, 1999 at 02:17:53AM +0900, Changwoo Ryu wrote:
> > > Can I suggest this description instead?
> Thank you for your suggestion. I rewrite description of hanterm package.
> see below please. I welcome any comments:
> Description: X terminal terminal emulator with Hangul support for XFree86
>  Hanterm is a replacement for xterm that supports Hangul input and output.
>  Original version(hanterm old version) is based on old xterm included
>  in obsolete X Window System such as X11R5.
>  Hanterm in this package is a modified version of xterm included in XFree86
>  to support Korean input and output.
>  .
>  Although it uses significantly more memory, you can use it for Hangul
>  input and output so far, especially, to use native Hangul input
>  system (Hangul automata).
>  .
>  Rxvt and latest eterm also support Hangul through i18n and use XIM servers
>  (such as Ami) as Korean input system, but hanterm uses native input system
>  as it. Thus, you can input Hangul chracters without XIM servers.
>  .
>  For hanterm to work properly, some X Hangul encoding fonts, such as
>  ksc5601.1987-0, johab-1, and johabsh-1 must be available; you may need the
>  xfonts-johab package for johab-1 and johabsh-1 encoding. Or, you may
>  need the xfonts-cjk and the xfonts-baekmuk packages for ksc5601.1987-0
>  encoding.
>  .
>  Either xfonts-johab or xfonts-baekmuk must be installed on the machines
>  running the X servers on which the hanterm clients run or on machine
>  providing font services to thouse X servers.
>  .
>  This package is optimized for Linux and especially, Debian GNU/Linux.

I still think the above has problems.  (Sorry I'm so nitpicky.)  You make
too many references to the features of other packages, which I think is a
bad idea because your information can get outdated.

Here's my revised recommendation with the points that I consider important:

Description: X terminal emulator with Hangul support
 hanterm is a replacement for xterm that supports Hangul input and output;
 it is a modified of the xterm program from XFree86.  hanterm uses it own
 native input system and does not require an X input method server.
 For hanterm to work properly, a Hangul-encoded font must be available;
 xfonts-johab, xfonts-cjk, and xfonts-bakemuk are all appropriate for this

I believe the above says everything essential in a lot less space.  I've
changed my mind about talking about font availability via a font server;
people have to learn this concept one way or another and if we start
talking about it in this package description we'd have to put it in a lot
more to be consistent.

> I intend to change the package name from hanterm-fonts-johab to xfonts-johab.
> And, modified package will be uploaded on master after the disscusion about
> name of xfonts-johab on debian-x mailing list.


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