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Re: ITP: hanterm, hanterm-fonts-johab

On Mon, Nov 01, 1999 at 05:01:52PM +0900, Chu-yeon Park wrote:
> ITP: hanterm, hanterm-fonts-johab

I notice you've already uploaded (you didn't provide a lot of time for
commentary), but here are my suggestions nevertheless...

> 1) hanterm
> Description: Hangul terminal for XFree86
>  This is fixed Hanterm for XFree86.

It is probably not specific to XFree86.  Doesn't it work on other
implementations of the X Window System?

>  Feature:
>   * Support ANSI colors.

xterm has done this for quite a while as well.

>   * Auto hangeul font type detect. (johab,ks,johab884)

I don't understand what you mean by this feature.  Can you elaborate?

>   * Right side scrollbar.

xterm has done this for quite a while as well.

>   * and so on.
>  .
>  Hanterm is xterm replacement. It is supporting Hangul input/output.
>  Although it uses significantly more memory, you must use it for
>  hangul input and output so far.

I assume this means that there is no other terminal emulator program with
Hangul support?  If so, once there is you'd have to edit your package
description.  It is probably better to confine your package description to
remarks about your own package, so it's not rendered incorrect by the
actions of others.  :)

>  This package is optimized for linux and especially, Debian GNU/Linux.
>  Someday, hanterm will replace xterm (or rxvt) with hagul input methods
>  server. Someday? :-)

I don't feel this kind of commentary is appropriate in a package

Can I suggest this description instead?

Description: X terminal emulator with Hangul support
 hanterm is a replacement for xterm that supports Hangul input and output.
 For hanterm to work properly, some Hangul fonts must be available; the
 xfonts-johab package must be installed on the machines running the X
 servers on which the hanterm clients run or on a machine providing font
 services to those X servers.

Finally, please look into supporting the x-terminal-emulator virtual
package and alternative; see the xterm 3.3.5-1 package for an example.

> 2) hanterm-fonts-johab
> Description: Hangul johab fonts. for hanterm* and emacs19-ko.
>  This is KAIST Johab fonts. This fonts is used for Hanterm and other Hangul
>  (Korean) input/output support applications.

Any BDF fonts should probably be repackaged into an xfonts-johab package.
I'm not familiar with the emacs19-ko package so I cannot comment on what
kind of fonts it uses.

Also please consider packaging any X font package using the guidelines
posted to the debian-x mailing list.  Recent versions of debhelper have a
tool called dh_installxfonts which helps with this.

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