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Re: ITP: hanterm, hanterm-fonts-johab

On Wed, Nov 03, 1999 at 02:17:53AM +0900, Changwoo Ryu wrote:
> > Can I suggest this description instead?

Thank you for your suggestion. I rewrite description of hanterm package.

see below please. I welcome any comments:

Description: X terminal terminal emulator with Hangul support for XFree86
 Hanterm is a replacement for xterm that supports Hangul input and output.
 Original version(hanterm old version) is based on old xterm included
 in obsolete X Window System such as X11R5.
 Hanterm in this package is a modified version of xterm included in XFree86
 to support Korean input and output.
 Although it uses significantly more memory, you can use it for Hangul
 input and output so far, especially, to use native Hangul input
 system (Hangul automata).
 Rxvt and latest eterm also support Hangul through i18n and use XIM servers
 (such as Ami) as Korean input system, but hanterm uses native input system
 as it. Thus, you can input Hangul chracters without XIM servers.
 For hanterm to work properly, some X Hangul encoding fonts, such as
 ksc5601.1987-0, johab-1, and johabsh-1 must be available; you may need the
 xfonts-johab package for johab-1 and johabsh-1 encoding. Or, you may
 need the xfonts-cjk and the xfonts-baekmuk packages for ksc5601.1987-0
 Either xfonts-johab or xfonts-baekmuk must be installed on the machines
 running the X servers on which the hanterm clients run or on machine
 providing font services to thouse X servers.
 This package is optimized for Linux and especially, Debian GNU/Linux.

> > Any BDF fonts should probably be repackaged into an xfonts-johab package.
> > I'm not familiar with the emacs19-ko package so I cannot comment on what
> > kind of fonts it uses.
> > 
> > Also please consider packaging any X font package using the guidelines
> > posted to the debian-x mailing list.  Recent versions of debhelper have a
> > tool called dh_installxfonts which helps with this.

I intend to change the package name from hanterm-fonts-johab to xfonts-johab.
And, modified package will be uploaded on master after the disscusion about
name of xfonts-johab on debian-x mailing list.

P. S. : I send this mail to debian-x as Cc.

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