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Re: ITP: hanterm, hanterm-fonts-johab

Branden Robinson <branden@ecn.purdue.edu> writes:
> > 1) hanterm
> > 
> > Description: Hangul terminal for XFree86
> >  This is fixed Hanterm for XFree86.
> It is probably not specific to XFree86.  Doesn't it work on other
> implementations of the X Window System?

In fact, this package is "hanterm-xfree86", a forked version of

hanterm is a modified xterm, an old software created in 1991.  But few
years later it has lost the sync with xterm because of the poor
maintenance.  "hanterm-xfree86" was made by patching "XFree86's xterm"
using hanterm code (in 1997, IIRC).  Most of the Linux users use this
hanterm, since it's less buggy than the original one.

hanterm-xfree86 is surely gcc and Linux specific.  But I heard that
there were a few of people which use hanterm-xfree86 on Solaris.

> >  Feature:
> >   * Support ANSI colors.
> xterm has done this for quite a while as well.

The original hanterm (which is based on the old xterm) does not.

> >   * Auto hangeul font type detect. (johab,ks,johab884)
> I don't understand what you mean by this feature.  Can you elaborate?

The standard Korean X font encoding is "ksc5601.1987-0", but "johab-1"
font was designed for Hanterm.  (One advantage is small size, so it's
usable in the low-memory X terminals.)  "johabs-1", "johabsh-1" and
"johab844-1" (884 is a typo) are variants of "johab-1".

With the old (and stupid) hanterm, users should have to specify the
type of the Hangul font, if it's not "johab[s[h]]-1".

> >   * Right side scrollbar.
> xterm has done this for quite a while as well.

Likewise, the old hanterm does not.

Anyway I agree that these "features" is not suitable in the package

> >   * and so on.
> >  .
> >  Hanterm is xterm replacement. It is supporting Hangul input/output.
> >  Although it uses significantly more memory, you must use it for
> >  hangul input and output so far.
> I assume this means that there is no other terminal emulator program with
> Hangul support?  If so, once there is you'd have to edit your package
> description.  It is probably better to confine your package description to
> remarks about your own package, so it's not rendered incorrect by the
> actions of others.  :)

rxvt and eterm (but from 0.9.x version) support Korean through i18n.
Thus, this description is wrong.

> >  This package is optimized for linux and especially, Debian GNU/Linux.
> >  Someday, hanterm will replace xterm (or rxvt) with hagul input methods
> >  server. Someday? :-)
> I don't feel this kind of commentary is appropriate in a package
> description.
> Can I suggest this description instead?
> Description: X terminal emulator with Hangul support
>  hanterm is a replacement for xterm that supports Hangul input and output.
>  .
>  For hanterm to work properly, some Hangul fonts must be available; the
>  xfonts-johab package must be installed on the machines running the X
>  servers on which the hanterm clients run or on a machine providing font
>  services to those X servers.

Um.  But hanterm does not depend on xfont-johab.  Hanterm supports the
standard ksc5601.1987-0 encoding.

> Finally, please look into supporting the x-terminal-emulator virtual
> package and alternative; see the xterm 3.3.5-1 package for an example.

It already does.

> > 2) hanterm-fonts-johab
> > 
> > Description: Hangul johab fonts. for hanterm* and emacs19-ko.
> >  This is KAIST Johab fonts. This fonts is used for Hanterm and other Hang=
> ul
> >  (Korean) input/output support applications.
> Any BDF fonts should probably be repackaged into an xfonts-johab package.
> I'm not familiar with the emacs19-ko package so I cannot comment on what
> kind of fonts it uses.
> Also please consider packaging any X font package using the guidelines
> posted to the debian-x mailing list.  Recent versions of debhelper have a
> tool called dh_installxfonts which helps with this.

I agree.

Changwoo Ryu

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