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ITP: hanterm, hanterm-fonts-johab

ITP: hanterm, hanterm-fonts-johab

1) hanterm

Description: Hangul terminal for XFree86
 This is fixed Hanterm for XFree86.
  * Support ANSI colors.
  * Auto hangeul font type detect. (johab,ks,johab884)
  * Right side scrollbar.
  * and so on.
 Hanterm is xterm replacement. It is supporting Hangul input/output.
 Although it uses significantly more memory, you must use it for
 hangul input and output so far.
 This package is optimized for linux and especially, Debian GNU/Linux.
 Someday, hanterm will replace xterm (or rxvt) with hagul input methods
 server. Someday? :-)

2) hanterm-fonts-johab

Description: Hangul johab fonts. for hanterm* and emacs19-ko.
 This is KAIST Johab fonts. This fonts is used for Hanterm and other Hangul
 (Korean) input/output support applications.

P. S. : Before potato code freeze, I expect to put it to Debian main tree.

 Chu-yeon Park <kokids@debian.org>                : KoKIDS means KOrean KIDS!
               <http://master.debian.org/~kokids> : I love Debian!
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