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Re: Nomination

On Fri, Dec 11, 1998 at 03:54:47PM -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:
<snip, alot of stuff about past dpl's>

First, I want to say that I wouldn't have jumped into this if not for the
reference to my name and an assumption that was completely unfounded.

Second I want to add that I fail to see how past DPL's have anything to do
with the current nominees capability as possibly the next DPL. How does
"so and so didn't have time to do this" prove that some one else does?
Please let's not start comparing any one, it only creates bad feelings.

> >   Joseph> I'm going to pick on Manoj a big here too since he is another
> >   Joseph> developer widely considered somehow superhuman in terms of
> >   Joseph> development of packages.  When I asked him to consider running he
> >   Joseph> declined saying that he doesn't have the time necessary to do what
> >   Joseph> he's doing now AND be the project leader.
> > 
> > He has a rewarding job, and a life.  I respect his decision. 
> That is fine and I'm happy things are going well for him.  However if
> Debian needs someone to make a decision, we usually need one sooner than
> a week or two after a decision is asked for.  I think all of those in the
> running now would be better in this regard.
> I'm concerned that Ben might not have the sheer volume of time, but he
> seems to know what he's about to jump into if elected, so I wish him
> luck.

I think throwing this comment in is what set me off. Joseph, I personally
think you have what it would take to be a "Project Leader", please don't
make assumptions about my personal situation. Just because I work
fulltime, and have a family life doesn't mean I can not take on the
responsibility. No I wont be a Debian junkie, staying up late and getting
up early just to see that Debian hasn't died without me. I would hope
however, that two sturdy feet on the ground would count for a strong
grasp of the responsibility that it will take to be the DPL.

Dedication to the duties goes a lot further than a caffeine driven, 24/7


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