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Re: Nomination

On Thu, Dec 10, 1998 at 07:59:27PM -0500, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
>   Bob>      1.  When did you become a Debian developer?
>   Bob> 
>   Bob>      2.  What packages do you currently maintain?
>   Bob> 
>   Bob>      3.  How many open bugs do your packages now have?  How many of
>   Bob> these are severity: important or higher?
> Excellent questions. I humbly suggest a fourth:

I disagree, though I have answered them all the same.  I think there are
more important issues than who maintains what and how popular their
packages are, what kinds of bugs, etc.  

>             4.  On which occassion, and how, have you helped the Debian
>                 project achieve a higher technical standard ?

I must admit I am not certain how to answer this.  Could you define the
scope a little?  I've worked a bit with others in discussions on policy
and I've tried to make my own packages follow policy as much as possible. 
I've also tried to work with those proposing changes to Debian beyond
changes within their own packages (archive changes, transition to FHS,
configuration management, that sort of thing) move from idea stage to
planning stages, being careful to make sure the changes proposed are for
the best.  I haven't been in much of a position to help the
implementation of these things yet for the most part, but I have helped
where I can.  Usually the best place I've been able to help is with
considering long term repercussions of implementation.

> Linux is not only free; it is, arguably, a better operating system, offering
> a degree of stability and an ability to scale up that NT cannot match.
>                                              -- The Economist, Oct 3, 1998

Is this not why we're all here?

"You're despicable."  -- Daffy Duck

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