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Re: Debian and the User Friendlies

> > That said, I wish the "developer's corner" on the web server had an
> > "open projects" area, where debian folk could register project urls
> > and descriptions (er.. this should only be for projects that satisfy
> > DFSG).  

Enrique Zanardi <ezanardi@ull.es> wrote:
> Very good idea! Are you thinking about an automatic procedure to register
> projects (with a cgi or mail interface)? Or just a web page that the
> webmaster updates manually?

I'm thinking that since all developers wind up with accounts on master
maybe we could just have a publically writeable directory with the sticky
bit set, and a policy about what goes into it.

You probably still want someone going over it by hand to build the final
page (easy to introduce goofs otherwise), but this could just as easily
be automated.


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