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Re: Another possible slink goal (multipackages users profile)


	I am not sure I like this. I want, as a sys admin,  to be able
 control what gets on to my system. I want to check what packages are
 adding, and I want to have a say in what gets allowed. 

	As a users, I may want to over ride setting for the system as

	With possibility of such configuration, I think any package
 foisting stuff into my environment is broken. (And don't say I can
 just remove things -- I should hot have to hack the system by

	This is quite similar to the arbitary programs in ip-up/down
 dir -- unless the sysadming/user goves permission, this should not be
 done. Such deviation from UNIX norm should always be *optional*, and
 preferably on a package by package basis.


>>"Martin" == Martin Schulze <joey@kuolema.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:

 Martin> This exactly does not need to happen.

 Martin>  . /etc/env contains information about variables, aliases and
 Martin>    programs that have to be called when a user logs in

 Martin>  . A general package knows about the syntax of various shells and
 Martin>    how they issue a global profile.

 Martin>  . A program update-env is invented that uses the information from
 Martin>    above and creates appropriate profiles

 Martin>  . env-add and env-remove are invented to serve /etc/env in order to
 Martin>    give packages the possibility to install/remove entries from it.

 Martin>  . All programs that use env-add / env-remove have to call update-env
 Martin>    (maybe it should consitantly be called env-update) in their postinst
 Martin>    and it uses the same mechanism like update-menus in order to not
 Martin>    run in 10 instances.

 Martin>  . All shells must know a mechanism to read and parse /etc/env and
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