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Re: Another possible slink goal (multipackages users profile)

Previously Martin Schulze wrote:
> Thats what I was referring to when I said "elaborate a mechanism".
> Think of the dircolors program.  Call it with -b and it generates
> bourne shell source, call it with -c and its output is used for any C
> shell.

That doesn't work, since that would mean all packages that would use this
will have to know about all shells that exist out there. And all shells
would have to be assign a letter. Using a simple file that says what
it's supposed to do and parse that once is possible though.

> No objections.  Except that it doesn't solve all problems.  Some
> packages require that special programs are called when the user logs
> in.

You mean like ssh really likes ssh-agent run?

> This is a different story.  Programs still have to run without that
> environment but they may run better with a modified environment.

Some things can only be configured by environment variables, which really
bothers my. Currently I have to set things like http_proxy, MINICOM, MANOPT
in all shell-configs. That's annoying.

> I the new mechanism is based on _one_ config file then we need tools
> to modify it since the policy forbids us to randomly modify
> configuration files that belong to other packages except if there are
> certain tools that can be called and that handle the modifications
> itself.

Do what modutiles, menus (any others?) do. Use a bunch of files in a
special directory and process them all.


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