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Re: Another possible slink goal (multipackages users profile)

Raul Miller wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@wiggy.ml.org> wrote:
> > The shell sets those up itself when it starts. bash reads /etc/profile,
> > csh read something else (I always forget what exactly). If we add a 
> > update-profiles to generate /etc/profile and variants for other shells
> > from the files in /etc/profile.d the shell reads that on startup on
> > you're on.
> Ok, but what's the scope of this change?
> For example, the only thing es reads at startup is $HOME/.esrc (and that
> only if it's a login shell), rc is similar (the only thing it reads at
> startup is $HOME/.rcrc and only if it's a login shell).
> Are we planning on modifying everything that a user might have as a login
> shell so that it has some /etc script which can be generated for it?

This would be nice and consistant.



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