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Re: Packaging system improvements

Brian White writes:
 > > As to 1 (Keywords), they will be better addressed by a better
 > > sectionning scheme (see <199707011849.UAA00558@bylbo.nowhere.earth> in
 > > the "Sub-categorizing /usr/doc" thread)
 > You cannot sub-categorize something efficiently in a single directory tree
 > where there are multiple hierachies of categories.

Agreed. That's why the refered mail suggested an extension to the e2fs
driver to handle this very problem. Did you read it ? If you can't
find it anymore, I can bounce it to the list.

 > What if you had an X11 editor specifically for development?  Where would
 > you put it?

Interface: X11
MainFunctionnality: Editors
UseLevel: Devel

[Note that the "UseLevel:" idea comes from your challenging example :]

I think there will only be a need for a few such fields; these 3 ones,
and 'DistPolicy' field seem quite sufficient. Anyone has another such
challenging example ?

 > The "Section:" will be considered the primary keyword but all other keywords
 > can be selected by the user to narrow the list of packages they want to
 > see.

Yes, we'll surely need a precedence on these fields to integrate them
in a standard dir hierarchy (FTP sites, cdrom FS, etc.); but an
extension to the concept of 'directory', such as the one I proposed,
seems quite interesting, at least IMHO.

Yann Dirson <dirson@univ-mlv.fr>

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