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Re: Packaging system improvements

Brian White writes:
 > > It seems to me that the proposed "Keywords:" field is supposed to
 > > help organize the distribition, but the "Section:" field is already
 > > doing this.  The current sections divide the distribution by category
 > > already, without the need for any new field.
 > "Section:" only organizes is one category.  This is not sufficient.

100% Agreed.

 > Providing a keyword list will allow people to better chose what they
 > want to see in the package selection list.  The current package list
 > is already too big to handle with just sections and it's going to
 > get worse.

Yes, but a keyword list provides very poor structure for this type of
information. Providing several concurent ways of classifying the
pacakges will give better structure, and thus will be easier (more
straightforward) to search.

I suggest (again) at least the following fields:

Interface: (eg. X11, console, tty, stdio)
MainFonctionnality: (eg. editors, devel/compilers,
	games/arcade/tetris-like, etc.)
DistPolicy: (eg. free/GPL, free/PD, free/custom,
	restricted/non-profit, etc.)

Yann Dirson <dirson@univ-mlv.fr>

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