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Re: Packaging system improvements

On Jul 7, Brian White wrote
> > 1. We need to add a "Keywords: ..." line to the control file for each
> >    package. However, the success of this depends more on the keywords
> >    individual maintainers put in their packages keyword lists than the
> >    presence of special features for it.
> We need to create a standard list of keywords for people to chose from.
> Maintainers are of course free to add others, but having a common set
> will help keep from having similar keywords like "texteditor" and
> "text-editor".

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It seems to me that the proposed "Keywords:" field is supposed to
help organize the distribition, but the "Section:" field is already
doing this.  The current sections divide the distribution by category 
already, without the need for any new field.


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