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Re: Packaging system improvements

> Yes, but a keyword list provides very poor structure for this type of
> information. Providing several concurent ways of classifying the
> pacakges will give better structure, and thus will be easier (more
> straightforward) to search.
> I suggest (again) at least the following fields:
> Interface: (eg. X11, console, tty, stdio)
> MainFonctionnality: (eg. editors, devel/compilers,
>         games/arcade/tetris-like, etc.)
> DistPolicy: (eg. free/GPL, free/PD, free/custom,
>         restricted/non-profit, etc.)

The keyword list provides the exact same thing but doesn't bother to
break it down into three different headings.  Multiple headings really
doesn't gain anything and makes it less extensible in the future.

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