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Re: Official List Archives via FTP

> I want a local archive of the debian lists here.  I'm going to
> do some experiments on it...
> Where is the canonical source?
> I found some in the /home/Archives/DebianWebMaster/lists
> directory on master - is that it?

That directory has the archives in it (one month per file per list).
I'm pretty sure the archives are simply created by subscribing to the
different lists and storing them in mail format in the files.
If this is what you are looking for, then yes, those are a canonical
source. Unless Pete Templin has his own archives, these are probably
your best bet.

Guy then has some scripts that are then used to generate
the on-line version of the archives for the web pages from these files.
The scripts haven't been run in about a month. :(

I hope this is enough info to help you do what you want.

- Sue

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