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Re: Problems with 1.2.1

On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, John Goerzen wrote:

> Also in 1.2.1, I was disappointed that all of a sudden sendmail was upgraded 
> from 8.7.6-patched (a known-stable version) to 8.8.4 (which has serious 
> problems for UUCP or non-Internet-connected sites).  IM(NS)HO, this is 
> something that should come in bo, not rex-fixed.  Also, of course, 8.7.6 .cf 
> files may not necessarily work in 8.8.4, I gather.  After struggling with 
> 8.8.4 for some time, I finally went back to 8.7.6 that was in the original rex 
> distribution.  Everything worked fine after that.  I thought that upgrades to 
> new upstream sources, with the possible exception of bug fixes, should *not* 
> be made in stable but rather in unstable.  Hmm, yes, according to the 
> programmer's manual, "Once the distribution is stable only major bug fixes are 
> allowed."  From what I saw, new bugs were introduced -- not bug fixes....  So 
> I think that more attention needs to be placed on where packages are placed.  
> This, I think, is something that package maintainers need to do (and I haven't 
> seen a lot of problems with this, so I think we're OK in general).  
> Maintainers of vital system programs like bash, inn, sendmail, cron, etc. need 
> to be especially careful.

IMHO the main problem is the way we handle uploads to stable. We need
something like a freeze for the 1.2.x versions, too.

Perhaps such new versions could be marked as 1.2.x-beta for a week and
then be renamed to 1.2.1. 

For me it is unacceptable that packages (for example the boot disks) are
changed a few days before release and go into the next stable release for
someone else has time to review it.

So perhaps we should change the policy for package releases in the
stable-fixed distrib: There should be at least 3 people reviewing the
newer versions and only if they agree, they could be included in the next

The same policy should apply to uploads into the frozen distrib.

Cheers, Chris

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