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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

Kai Henningsen:
> So the King James Bible is computer related? :-)

Yes. It is a guidebook for Software Engineering. "In the
beginning there was nothing" describes the ideal beginning of
a project.  "On the seventh day He rested" describes the ideal
end of the project, after a nice working week, including one
Saturday with double pay overtime (deadline was Friday, but you
know how computer projects are...).

The stuff in between explains how to deal with bugs (flood the
system, and only good stuff will remain), mere coders (crucify
them), users (have whales swallow them), competitors (open the
sea for them, then drown them when they're in the middle), stupid
managers (throw them into a well), and all the nice Software
Engineering guys (strip and put into garden with naked women).

I don't use the book myself, because I'm more of a reckless
hacker type of person.  We don't believe in Software Engineering. :-)

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