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Re: Debian Games Team website

On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 10:28:48PM +0200, Tobias Hansen wrote:
> I like it and I have a suggestion:
> Instead of randomly selecting a game, we could display a "Pick of the
> month" and select a game which is especially nice every month. The past
> picks of the month could be archived so that we end up with a list of
> recommendations. This is very helpful because it's hard to find the best
> games among the huge amount we have in Debian. Also, the best games are
> better for advertising the games team than random games. I got the idea
> from here:
> http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/picks/

> > - I've also added more pages, according to the links you pointed out.
> >   There's "Tasks"[0], with a dummy content based on the package list
> >   and "Statistics"[1], with the contents of the current statistics page.
> >   - About the "Tasks" page, I did not add the entire contents of the
> >     task lists; it's merely an example. The links on the Table of
> >     Contents work (at least for "Adventure" and "Tetris") and it
> >     would be nice for the server to count how many
> > 
> On the one hand I like the tasks page. On the other hand this could
> become a reinvention of blends.debian.org and you should consider if
> that's a good idea. blends.debian.org has already cool features like
> letting the user supply translations.

It depends how the page is created.  If it's autogenerated I'm fine with
this - if not you are right and I'd avoid duplication.  The web sentinel
pages are generated twice a day to reflect the current state of the
Debian pool and work in VCS (as well as after any change in the tasks
files of debian-games package).

Kind regards



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