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Re: Debian Games Team website

Alexandre Dantas <eu@alexdantas.net> writes:

> Hello, Nils Dagsson!
> Thanks for pointing out this issue!

I feel relieved. Many web developers I know do not appreciate it if one
points out errors pertaining to accessability, claiming.

> I'm using "Glyphicons"[0] to show small icons on the page. They're
> part of Bootstrap, a largely used web framework.

In my circle of friends, we have a sarcastic saying that goes like “Just
use Bootstrap. Just use jQuery. Just use MySQL. Just use PHP.” etc. –
pointing out that more often than people think, “widely used” does not
necessarily translate into “prevents more issues than it creates”.

> This issue, where it shows strange symbols, occurs when it's unable
> to load a font that's present on the Git repository. But I tested
> the site on several browsers, across different operational systems
> and distros and it seemed OK.

Making a web site dependent on fonts is not a good thing. I suggest that
glyphicons – and any icon font that does not use Unicode codepoints – is
fundamentally broken, as it uses private semantics in a public space.

This means, for example, that if the author or user ever changes the
font, it does not look right – literally a lock-in effect for fonts.

Additionally, using the wrong characters breaks copy and paste.

> I agree with the point that it should have Unicode characters,
> but the support for individual glyphs is somewhat sparse [1].
> So I've decided to provide both alternatives - use custom font
> for modern browsers (with the @font-face attribute) and an
> Unicode fallback with look-alike glyphs.

Thank you, it looks better now! Since you are obviously able to do
without glyphicons, why not use a font that has the glyphs on the
correct code points and include that via CSS?

> I hope the website gets displayed nicely now.

It does indeed, reminding me to draw more of the missing Unifont glyphs.

> If you still have issues with it feel free to point them out,
> I'm glad to work on the Games Team website.

When my browser window is is very wide, I see “Get Involved”, “Wiki”,
“Packages”, “Choose Theme” at the top. When it is not so wide, those
things disappear. I cannot find them.

> Also, thanks for the link to that chart and congratulations for
> your hard work! I heard about GNU Unifont before and am glad to
> be able to talk to you.

I believe work on most parts of GNU Unifont was done by Paul Hardy, so
you better thank him. ;) You can see here the stuff that I have drawn:

I started doing that since the Symbola icons were too hard to read for
me at small font sizes and few fonts contained Characters from Unicode

Nils Dagsson Moskopp // erlehmann

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