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Re: Spring 97.0.1-18-gf1dd749 (develop)

On 13.06.2014 00:37, Michael Dorrington wrote:
>> It seems you never received my e-mail from January.
>> https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-games/2014/01/msg00053.html
> I received that email but failed to complete the actions before they
> were done in Debian, my bad.  I was hoping that Debian would pull the
> work I'd done that was of use but Debian wanted me to identify the
> differences that were of use, which I have failed to do so far.

Ok, no worries. Just a ping from time to time would be nice so that I
know you are genuinely interested in this package. Are you somehow
involved with the upstream development of spring or just a passionate
gamer? What's your motivation for working on spring?

> The latest official Debian build in unstable is 96.0.  The official
> Debian git repo is using 97.0 , which is the latest upstream tarball,
> but not 97.0.1 which is latest tagged upstream nor is it
> 97.0.1-18-gf1dd749 which the popular Zero-K mod/game is using in many of
> its battlerooms.  As far as I understand it, 97.0 is meant only as a
> game/mod developers release to help in preparation for 98.0 which is why
> 96.0 is the version available from Spring Download page
> <http://springrts.com/wiki/Download>.

I have recently imported 97.0 because tests showed that it worked quite
flawlessly. I also think that 97.0 is just a developer version, so I
wanted to wait until they announce the stable version on
http://springrts.com/. I only watch official tarball releases at the
moment. I think it's not maintainable over a long period of time to
follow snapshots and special versions for certain spring games.

> On a related note to that, I would like the packaging to allow multiple
> versions of Spring to be installed side-by-side using the alternatives
> system or similar to switch between them.  This is because different
> mods/games often require different Spring versions and when new versions
> of Spring are released there is often a period where at least two
> versions are in use.

In theory that's a nice idea but you would have to tailor another spring
source package because you can't build different versions from the same
sources. Without a doubt unless you are really dedicated to this package
it will consume a lot of time to package those different versions. I
think it would be more helpful for the spring community if they could
find a way to extend their support for one stable release instead of
allowing the use of multiple different versions at the same time.

>> I also intend to get 98.0 into the next stable release. If you are
>> really interested in helping with spring, I suggest to prepare this
>> version based on the current packaging of spring in Debian as soon as
>> the new release is available and add yourself to Uploaders. I can then
>> review your changes.
> I give that a go then.  I'll post on the list after 98.0 is released to
> confirm I'm going ahead with packaging it based off the latest Debian
> git commit.

Ok great. I'm looking forward to it.



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