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Re: Spring 97.0.1-18-gf1dd749 (develop)

Hello Mike,

On 11.06.2014 22:37, Michael Dorrington wrote:
> I've pushed spring 97.0.1-18-gf1dd749 (develop) to my guest user Debian
> spring repo in the hope it might be useful to others:

It seems you never received my e-mail from January.


In the meantime I have been working on the spring and springlobby
package for quite some time.

> * http://anonscm.debian.org/git/users/michaeld-guest/spring.git/
> * git clone git://git.debian.org/git/users/michaeld-guest/spring.git
> (The gitweb view is broken for guest user space since the "alioth"
> rebuild, along with guest user webspace for hosting packages.)
> This version is a development version for what will become the next
> stable version (98.0).  The Zero-K mod/game is currently trialling this
> exact version of Spring (as well as version 97.0.1-24-g93bd67d).

Please have a look at


The official packaging is currently up-to-date and happens there.

> This version of Spring uses `~/.config/spring/` for its files rather
> than `~/.spring/` and I haven't added any automatic migration of files
> from the old version to the new version so this needs to be done by hand.

The engine reads from the old layout but only writes to the new location
at ~/.config/spring. I mentioned this change in a NEWS file and the
changelog when I uploaded 96.0+dfsg-1.

I also intend to get 98.0 into the next stable release. If you are
really interested in helping with spring, I suggest to prepare this
version based on the current packaging of spring in Debian as soon as
the new release is available and add yourself to Uploaders. I can then
review your changes.



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