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R: Spring 97.0.1-18-gf1dd749 (develop)

Il mer 11 giu 2014 22:37 CEST, Michael Dorrington ha scritto:

>I've pushed spring 97.0.1-18-gf1dd749 (develop) to my guest user Debian
>spring repo in the hope it might be useful to others:
>* http://anonscm.debian.org/git/users/michaeld-guest/spring.git/
>* git clone git://git.debian.org/git/users/michaeld-guest/spring.git
>(The gitweb view is broken for guest user space since the "alioth"
>rebuild, along with guest user webspace for hosting packages.)

The alioth rebuild made them disappear from the web interface (I mean the links for http and git+ssh). This is a little bit annoying I admit, but with a little bit of mnemonic excercise you can find the corresponding gitweb website.

Here it is your:


(sorry for the OT)


>This version is a development version for what will become the next
>stable version (98.0).  The Zero-K mod/game is currently trialling this
>exact version of Spring (as well as version 97.0.1-24-g93bd67d).
>This version of Spring uses `~/.config/spring/` for its files rather
>than `~/.spring/` and I haven't added any automatic migration of files
>from the old version to the new version so this needs to be done by hand.
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