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Re: R: Spring 97.0.1-18-gf1dd749 (develop)

Hi Mike,

your one seems a bug :-)
I suggest you to report on debian-devel or irc.
What I did was not seach from gitweb, but start from PTS and a package I know has a similar VCS link (a package maintained in the personal git maintainer repo) like "flex" and then change with your user/repo.git

I already ping'd debian once or two (on irc) they fixed the issue for a while, and then the problem reappeared (they told me "we fixed, but we are sure something else will override the configuration, so the change might be necessary somewhere else IIRC")

Maybe try again, you will have some more luck than me :-)



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Subject: Re: R: Spring 97.0.1-18-gf1dd749 (develop)
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> The alioth rebuild made them disappear from the web interface (I mean the links for http and git+ssh). This is a little bit annoying I admit, but with a little bit of mnemonic excercise you can find the corresponding gitweb website.
> Here it is your:
> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=users/michaeld-guest/spring.git

That's good to know.

I'd tested the gitweb giant page:
and neither it nor other users/*-guest were listed there and they aren't
available via the search/filter either:
unlike, for instance, pkg-games:
Also I tested the guest webspace (which is the closest Debian has to
PPA) and it didn't work:


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