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Re: Status of spring and springlobby

Hi Mike, welcome on board!

On 25.01.2014 20:31, Michael Dorrington wrote:
>> http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-games/spring.git
> For me, that gives:
> projects /
> 404 - No such project

Hmm, for me too. Perhaps later.

>> If you are interested in Spring, please consider adding yourself to
>> Uploaders and helping with future updates and reviews.
> I would like to help out with future updates and reviews.  I've pushed
> my packaging up to my guest account space which includes several fixes
> and the latest spring version (96.0).

That sounds excellent. I suggest, as soon as the official repo is up
again, you could try to compare your version and my version and tell me
what you like, don't like and what should be improved.

For example do we really need a 230 MB large -dbg package (xz
compressed, no kidding)?


> I would like to help out with springlobby as well.

I haven't started packaging springlobby yet. If you want to give it a
try, you could prepare springlobby 0.180 and use the official version as
a template and upload everything to your personal git repository.



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