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Re: New artwork proposal for Wheezy

Hi Victor!

Am 10.03.2012 um 20:20 schrieb Victor Nitu:

> I also have some minor (I hope) corrections to make:
> - -- The *very* important aspect of screen ratio and cropping: you need to
> make sure the image stays in a good shape when cropped from N-W corner,
> at a 4:3 screen ratio. I guess this is the most damaging cropping
> possible. As I see things right now, that's how it'll look like: [1]
> [1]: http://serenitymedia.ro/debian/journey-wallpaper-v2-cropped.jpg

Thanks for the work you put into that. But all background pictures are first centered, then cropped. I have Debian Wheezy running in VirtualBox just for testing resolutions. And I installed the background the same way it will be installed by the desktop-base package. I experimented a lot with that so I am pretty sure about it.

If you don't mind, please use gimp and take a look at the source package:


(121 MB) to see how I used layers for all required resolutions to know what will be cropped.

> - -- I guess a darker CD/DVD background would be nicer, and maybe a bit
> more contrasted;

Do you mean the label or the cover? And did you do a printout? I printed proofs of both and changed it until they were printed OK. A CD label really looks different on screen than printed out on a real CD.

> - -- The capsule's Debian "branding" shall be more visible, on my 21"
> 1600x1200 screen I couldn't see it until zoomed in. I also suggest the
> "7" to be moved downwards, under the horizontal Debian GNU/Linux logos.

I really like it to be tiny. Some things make a better impression if they aren't obvious at first glance.

> - -- Since the kFreeBSD architecture is now supported, I don't know if we
> shall advertise Debian as GNU/Linux only, it could be a real enthusiasm
> killer for GNU/kFreeBSD users and developers.

You are right. I would love to make a version with a tiny devil as well. :-)

Thanks for your suggestions. This is helpful.


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