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Re: New artwork proposal for Wheezy

Am 09.03.2012 um 23:08 schrieb Ben Finney:

Am 09.03.2012 um 09:21 schrieb Roman Khomasuridze:
As of journey, I like the concept, but nebula and spacecraft part
might be quite heavy on eyes,

I agree with Roman. The picture is very good and nice to look at as a
piece of art.

But as a desktop background, it is too distracting: busy, high contrast,
many colours. It jumps to the foreground!

I added a soft shadow to the left half of the wallpaper. 

Does this work better for you?

I don't see much of a difference, and the above points still apply.

Perhaps this is more obvious:

http://lazybrowndog.net/debian/wheezy/_wallpaper/journey-screenshot-gnome-preview-v3.png (new version)
http://lazybrowndog.net/debian/wheezy/_wallpaper/journey-screenshot-gnome-preview-v1.png (original)

The picture is now darker on the left side. The spacecraft is lighter, which reduces the contrast to the glow of the nebula. 

I am still convinced that the topic (space, stars) works great for the wallpaper. Many people use pictures like this one. Look at OS X with its beautiful Andromeda picture. And I think, the Orion nebula shouldn't look plain. We like it because it doesn't.

But of course it is work in progress. :-)

Thank you for making this beautiful piece, and working to fit it for the
use case.

Thanks for the feedback!


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