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Re: New artwork proposal for Wheezy

Ulrich Hansen <uhansen@debianart.org> writes:

> Am 09.03.2012 um 09:21 schrieb Roman Khomasuridze:
> > As of journey, I like the concept, but nebula and spacecraft part
> > might be quite heavy on eyes,

I agree with Roman. The picture is very good and nice to look at as a
piece of art.

But as a desktop background, it is too distracting: busy, high contrast,
many colours. It jumps to the foreground!

> I added a soft shadow to the left half of the wallpaper. 
> http://lazybrowndog.net/debian/wheezy/_wallpaper/journey-wallpaper-v2.jpg
> Does this work better for you?

I don't see much of a difference, and the above points still apply.

What could help is to significantly reduce the contrast and colour

Perhaps by using a simpler starfield and removing the starburst behind
the Debian logo. Or perhaps by filtering the whole picture through a
colour, similar to what was done for the Lisp Machine background.

Or any of a number of other things you could try :-)

> I have installed my wallpaper for a couple of weeks and am really used
> to it, so this kind of feedback is really important to me.

Thank you for making this beautiful piece, and working to fit it for the
use case.

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