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Hello all,

I'm not sure who's on this list, as it's just getting started, so maybe
folks could introduce themselves?

I'll start:

I'm an emeritus Debian developer, and have been working on Ubuntu for the
past six years.  I'm keen to help Debian developers and Ubuntu developers to
build productive relationships, so that it's easy and natural for the two
projects to cooperate on common interests.

Ubuntu *should* be a model case for how derivatives work together with
Debian.  We regularly merge from Debian unstable, there are a substantial
number of Debian developers involved with the project, and we are motivated
to minimize our divergence from Debian because it creates more work for us.

However, in practice, the experience has been suboptimal for both parties,
and cooperation has turned out to be more difficult than anticipated.  I
hope that the Derivatives Front Desk project will find ways to make things
easier for all concerned.

Over the years, I've worked on various resources in this area, including
writing much of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu/ForDebianDevelopers, a
document intended to help Debian developers understand Ubuntu.  I regularly
attend DebConf, and would be interested in organizing some activities
related to Ubuntu and derivation in general, together with active Debian
developers who are interested.

I lurk on #debian-ubuntu on OFTC as mdz, and am happy to get involved in
discussion, problem resolution or information exchange whenever I can be of

 - mdz

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