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Re: Introductions


* Matt Zimmerman <mdz@ubuntu.com> [2010-06-23 15:11:40 CEST]:
> I'm not sure who's on this list, as it's just getting started, so maybe
> folks could introduce themselves?

 Thanks for bringing it up.

 I am with Debian since the release of potato, which is a bit longer
since the start of the millenium, am a Debian Developer since 2000 and
were involved in quite some areas, including being the sole German
translator for the website over a long period, doing QA work every now
and then including picking up unmaintained packages that I care about
(and thus piled up quite some over the time), found my way into the
Games Team including becoming admin, and more recently got accepted into
the Webmaster Team.

 Within the Games Team we managed to get some people from Ubuntu
interested to work on reducing the gap and for most packages there is
none anymore. Actually the Games Team is a combined one for both Debian
and Ubuntu, there is nothing as a Debian Games Team or an Ubuntu Games
Team (if you can ignore the Ubuntu Games *Marketing* Team that uses that
term confusingly for itself). We also have a dedicated
pkg-games-ubuntu@lists.alioth.debian.org mailinglist which receives all
the launchpad bugreports so people can opt-in for working on them
without disturbing those that for whatever reason are only interested in
working in, for and on Debian.

 I've signed the Ubuntu CoC since its recent change and try to live up
to it. I try to encourage people where possible, but for me that also
includes pointing out to others when I think they are off tracks - and
those comments are explicitly meant constructive to get people thinking.
Most of the time it works, sometimes I though overdo it - and at least
when I notice it (or get pointed to it - sending out includes being able
to receive as well) I'll excuse for it; I don't mean it that harsh as it
might be considered at first glance.

 Also keep in mind that I'm no native english speaker, so I might miss
some nuance in wordings. This is A GENERAL ADVICE: Most people that you
do and will communicate with are not native speakers, and often enough
you yourself aren't neither. Often enough things can be interpreted in
different ways - don't try to find out the most hurtful way, and in case
of doubt, just ask how something is really meant. Regularly enough it
isn't meant as evil as one might think, and the question can help both
ends, the writer to enhance their writing, and the receiver to reduce
their emotions.

"Lediglich 11 Prozent der Arbeitgeber sind der Meinung, dass jeder
Mensch auch ein Privatleben haben sollte."
        -- http://www.karriere.at/artikel/884/

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