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Re: Introductions

On 23/06/10 at 14:11 +0100, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm not sure who's on this list, as it's just getting started, so maybe
> folks could introduce themselves?

I'm a Debian developer and an Ubuntu developer, although most of my
Ubuntu time is spent on collaboration between Debian and Ubuntu.

I've done many things over the years in that area, including 
talking Raphael Hertzog into sending the famous "For those who care about their
packages in Ubuntu" email[1] to d-d-a (probably not a good idea at the
time) ;), developing many tools like the Ubuntu box on the PTS,
the Ubuntu column on the Developers Packages Overview, and Ultimate
Debian Database (which had the goal of simplifying the development of
cross-distro tools from the start).

I'm pretty amazed by the current state of the relations between both
projects, and hope that this mailing list will help move things one step
further, by improving communication for people who don't necessarily
want to engage too deeply with the other project.

- Lucas

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