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Re: Introductions

Il 23/06/2010 15.11, Matt Zimmerman ha scritto:
> I'm not sure who's on this list, as it's just getting started, so maybe
> folks could introduce themselves?


I am both an Ubuntu and Debian developer, I joined MOTU rank in late
2007, and became a DD in 2009. In Ubuntu, I followed some QA activities
(getting rid of unmet dependencies, NBS, merges, syncs, and so on), I
also acted as universe release manager for stable releases (aka motu-sru
member) and for development ones (aka motu-release member). My
activities in Debian are related to Python apps/modules packaging,
maintaining some packages of the GNOME Desktop, and I recently became
member of the FTP Team, acting as FTP Assistant.

I'm always reachable on IRC as DktrKranz (OFTC and Freenode).


 : :' :   Luca Falavigna <dktrkranz@debian.org>
 `. `'

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