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And here's my report - Was: Re: Slides of you talk @debconf ? Bug#133453: Dear beloved, Bug#139228: isx 20y Bug#196947: efjgt qorm Bug#362789: Friend 6 2 Bug#532187: please mark bugs already closed by an upload in versioned view Bug#545895: marked as done (strip \r in read_bug temporarily, and fix existing bug reports) Bug#556863: marked as done (bugs assigned to a source package not searched properly when searching by maintainer) Bug#563470: marked as done ( Bugs affecting source packages are not shown.) Bug#565981: marked as done (debbugs: Debbugs::MIME::parse doesn't handle PGP Signed messages with \r correctly) Bug#566068: marked as done (debbugs: Debbugs::MIME::parse doesn't support "text" Content-Type) Bug#566089: marked as done (debbugs: pages for src:<src> points to wrong PTS pages) Bug#567407: marked as done (tag should be usable in place of tags) Bug#567439: marked as done ( pkgreport.cgi pages have incorrect links for src: bugs) Bug#568020: marked as done (process does not properly handle Forwarded: pseudo-header to URL) Bug#568464: marked as done (please link CVEs) Bug#570251: marked as done ( Please display affecting bugs in source package report as well.) Bug#571051: marked as done (debbugs: hyperlinks with CVE names are now broken) Bug#572133: marked as done ( bugs marked as affecting individual packages don't show up on the source package's page) Bug#578822: marked as done (debbugs: Please add urls to affected bugs to control@ responses) Bug#585796: #585796: local-debbugs: Cannot search Bug#585796: debbugs-local: Same here : cannot contact the CGI Bug#585796: marked as done (local-debbugs: Cannot search) Bug#588859: marked as done (encode_rfc1522 fails to take into account parentheses) Bug#592117: debbugsconfig fails due to missing /etc/debbugs/indices/ directory Bug#592687: debbugs-local vs. local-debbugs? Bug#592891: debbugs: Document summary command's 0 arg (add new summary instead of refering to existing one) Bug#593265: debbugs-local: Please document --no-detach option debbugs override disparity debbugs_2.4.2~exp1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED IPv6 address change - Kernel Segfault Processing of debbugs_2.4.2~exp1_amd64.changes Reportbug and bug report replies Slides of you talk @debconf ? The last update was on 06:58 GMT Sun Nov 19. There are 44 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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