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Bug#585796: #585796: local-debbugs: Cannot search

Don Armstrong wrote:

>    * Various changes to make debbugs-local work better (Closes: #585796)

That does help a lot.

Now I’ve tried:

	echo src:git >~/.debbugs/bugs_to_get
	local-debbugs -M
	local-debbugs --daemon --no-detach

and in another VT:

	w3m http://localhost:8080/542709

The resulting output from the daemon:

	configuration file '/etc/debbugs/config' doesn't exist; skipping itUnable to locate template /usr/share/debbugs/templates/en_US/cgi/no_such_bug.tmpl
	Unable to find template cgi/no_such_bug with language en_US at /usr/share/perl5/Debbugs/Text.pm line 154.

If I instead try

	local-debbugs --show 542709

then I still get “error reading from socket” from the browser, but this way
there is no new output from the local-debbugs daemon.

Will investigate more.  Thanks.

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