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Bug#592117: debbugsconfig fails due to missing /etc/debbugs/indices/ directory

On Sat, 07 Aug 2010, John Lightsey wrote:
> Hi there, I rebuilt the packages from experimental on my testing
> system, but it looks like this problem may exist in previous
> versions as well. We doing a fresh install of debbugs and running
> debbugsconfig for the first time, it dies while trying to copy the
> /usr/share/doc/debbugs/examples/sources file to
> /etc/debbugs/indices/ since that directory does not exist. This
> stops debbugsconfig from running to completion.

debbugsconfig needs some serious love, because it isn't completely
necessary anymore, and is generating configuration files with options
that are obsolete or not strictly necessary.

I personally don't use it at all, and would love to see a patch that
replaced it with a command which created a local mirror of the bts or
similar. [I'm only still distributing it because I assumed it has some
users, even though I don't use it.]

Don Armstrong

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