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Compression for indices (was: Re: Hashsum mismatch prevention strategies) [dak/master] add our own deb_extract_control function [dak/master] Add path to removal logs to minimal configuration. [dak/master] Allow use with SQLAlchemy 0.7 [dak/master] ask before installing security updates [dak/master] Change how compression methods are selected in FileWriter [dak/master] Go back to temporary tables. [dak/master] Make dominate -s <suite> work without Obsolete::Options::Suite set. [dak/master] merge check for Description field with other checks [dak/master] Move "import utils" into function [dak/master] Remove dead code. [dak/master] Remove redundant indices from database. [dak/master] setup/README: remove no longer needed postgresql packages [dak/master] setup/README: update for postgresql-9.1 [dak/master] Stop passing order_by as a string. [dak/master] stop using deprecated python-apt functions [dak/master] Use with statement instead of temporary table [dak/master] We now allow non-gzip data in udebs dak/new/somepackage.html refers the wrong style.css Hashsum mismatch prevention strategies installer location on mirrors Killing policy queues Mapping files to archives and components Problem configuring buildd distributions Problem testing quinn-diff with reprepro Remote command interface for dak [website/master] add link to announce for wheezy key [website/master] Add new key [website/master] getting rid of the lenny thing as active [website/master] .gitignore The last update was on 15:36 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 66 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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