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dak/new/somepackage.html refers the wrong style.css


[ I'm not subscribed to debian-dak@, so please CC if needed ]

please see [1] for an example. The HTML loads /style.css, where it 
actually needs /dak/style.css. This is (I think) a bug in dak, as it 
asumes to be served by the httpd directly in /, and not in a subdir as 
backports does it. I quickly hacked two possible solutions:

1. refer to ../style.css in the generated pages, should work as long as 
   the pages are always generated into the "new" subdirectory of dak 
   output. see [2] for the trivial diff
2. configure the url under which the main dak pages are served and use 
   that base url to refer to style.css. see [3] for the almost as 
   trivial diff

Hope this is useful & greets

[2] https://github.com/evgeni/dak/compare/simple_css_fix
[3] https://github.com/evgeni/dak/compare/cool_css_fix
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