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Re: Killing policy queues

On 12861 March 1977, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:

> while reimplementing the logic to accept packages[1], I was wondering if
> we could kill policy queues in their current form and switch to normal
> suites in a private archive (I'm not sure about NEW, but it might work
> for that as well).  Instead of accepting/rejecting packages, one would
> copy to the public suite or remove the package.

> Advantages:
>  - Less ways to handle package installation.
>  - Signature checked when the package arrives in the archive, not again
> when it is accepted from the policy queues.
>  - We can generate Packages/Sources for policy queues[2].

> Disadvantages:
>  - Release and security team likely need to update their tools.

And backports too.

>  - Rejected packages only get removed by clean-suites, but we can reduce
> the StayOfExecution for policy queues.

You need to ensure that $otherteams can "accept/reject" packages from
the new place into their suite. And only there. Which the tools currently
can't. And that things like automatic-late accept[1] work. (Similar for
rejects). (And mail notifications)

But beside that, we don't guarantee the actual way of doing things, just
that they can do these things, so if it makes lotsa more sense for us to
change it...

[1] Say, security accepts source bla, with the binaries for all but
    amd64 and i386 because the buildds of that arches are just dead
    slow. Whenever they finished building, NOW the binaries of that arch
    and the right version are automatically accepted whenever they
    arrive. A feature they like a lot.

bye, Joerg
AM: Whats the best way to find out if your debian/copyright is correct?
NM: Upload package into the NEW queue.

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