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Compression for indices (was: Re: Hashsum mismatch prevention strategies)

Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> writes:
> - Only *ONE* compression for anything in dists/.
>   To switch to another compression later, a second may be added for the
>   next release, and as soon as that release is out, the old one goes
>   away.[fn:1]
> [fn:1] Right now I would say we keep gzip, kill of bzip2, and add
>        xz. gzip is killed the day after wheezy is released, xz stays
>        alone. Now, thats from a user POV, from a mirror POV we go with
>        gzip and never consider any other compression in dists/, as
>        --rsyncable is THEWIN, kthxbye.

Shouldn't the total traffic for mirrors shrink when using xz? At least
when it serves enough users.

Before we can drop gzip, the override and override-disparity commands in
dak need to use projectb instead of parsing Packages.*gz* (they use
get_packages_from_ftp from utils.py).


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