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Killing policy queues


while reimplementing the logic to accept packages[1], I was wondering if
we could kill policy queues in their current form and switch to normal
suites in a private archive (I'm not sure about NEW, but it might work
for that as well).  Instead of accepting/rejecting packages, one would
copy to the public suite or remove the package.

 - Less ways to handle package installation.
 - Signature checked when the package arrives in the archive, not again
when it is accepted from the policy queues.
 - We can generate Packages/Sources for policy queues[2].

 - Release and security team likely need to update their tools.
 - Rejected packages only get removed by clean-suites, but we can reduce
the StayOfExecution for policy queues.


[1] I will explain in a later mail why I do this.
[2] At least the release team already generates them for p-u-new themselves.

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