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Bug#727708: Additional CTTE Drafting Meeting useful?

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
> Ansgar Burchardt writes ("Re: Additional CTTE Drafting Meeting useful?"):
>> In this case I suggest to decide just the question of the default init
>> system on Linux architectures first and address further details later if
>> no consensus can be found elsewhere. Finding the correct wording then
>> should be easier.
> I strongly object to this approach for the reasons I have given
> already.
> If I am given the opportunity to do so, if such a resolution is
> proposed I will always propose amendments to settle the T vs L
> question.

I understand that you don't like the simple vote, because it doesn't
allow you to express that your opinion on the init system depends on the
outcome of the coupling question (or vice versa).

This is all good in theory. In this particular situation, however, I
don't think this is a concern in practice. It seems pretty clear that
the default init system question is going to be decided by Bdale casting
vote. As I think you said yourself, it's not likely that anyones opinion
is going to change at this point.

In other words, the decision for the init system is a given, all that is
necessary is to finally bring it to a formal vote. In practice any
difference in your vote that would depend on the outcome of the coupling
question is not going to affect the result.

It seems that the only effect of adding all the coupling and GR stuff is
to make the ballot more complicated. If adding these options would
somehow result in a clear majority (without the need for a casting vote)
for one default init system, then to me this would look more like an
undesired voting artifact rather than a change in the majority opinion
of the CTTE.

Am I missing something?

Given the apparent challenges to draft an acceptable ballot, I think
Bdale's idea of keeping the vote truly simple should be reconsidered.


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