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Re: Additional CTTE Drafting Meeting useful?


On 02/06/2014 06:33, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> writes:
>> Would one more IRC meeting be useful to nail down the ballot options and
>> their drafts?
> I personally suspect that we have exhausted the capacity of the TC to deal
> with this problem, and that spending more time on it may actually result
> in worse decisions than we would make right now.  Currently, I like each
> ballot we're getting less than I liked the previous one.  So I'm dubious.

Voting FD again due to failing to agree on a ballot might also indicate
that the secondary question (allowing dependencies on functionality only
available with a subset of existing init systems) have not been
reasonably discussed elsewhere (as required by 6.3.5).

In this case I suggest to decide just the question of the default init
system on Linux architectures first and address further details later if
no consensus can be found elsewhere. Finding the correct wording then
should be easier.

The init system vote could than have the options Bdale suggested
earlier, with addition of a suitable GR override paragraph. The latter
addition seemed at least uncontroversional except for a few wording issues.

> Chances are quite high that this will be decided by GR anyway at this
> point.

In that case we could also just start the GR now. I don't think we win
anything by delaying this decision further and further. In contrast, it
will mean we will fix *less* integration bugs before the freeze if the
init system changes.


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