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Re: debian-ctte mailing list and spam

In article <20040622075554.U1892@links.magenta.com> moth@debian.org writes:
>I agree that 99.99% accurate spam filtering would also be useful.  [But,
>as an aside, my experience with some other software is that keeping it at
>that level requires a fair amount of maintenance -- it's a moving target.]

Yes, it does require ongoing maintenance.  Less that cleaning up the
spam that was getting through to the BTS before though.  With proper
tools, all it takes is a human to review the borderline cases and
decide what is spam or not.  (and ajusting other spamassasin rules
that are causing problems.) As the filters are trained, the number of
borderline cases drops.

Blars Blarson			blarson@blars.org
With Microsoft, failure is not an option.  It is a standard feature.

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