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Re: official images status quo

Neat, I'm always glad to hear things are more Debian-integrated than I
thought. Can you describe this on
http://wiki.debian.org/Cloud/WindowsAzureImage ? Currently it doesn't
mention any way to build Azure images without having access to either
Azure or Hyper-V.

The page also indicates that the current image was "created on 3
january 2012." From the VM Depot link it appears 3 January 2013 was
meant, and also that only a Debian wheezy-when-it-was-still-testing
image is in the VM Depot. While I probably shouldn't personally be
responsible for maintaining Azure images while working for Google,
with my Debian hat on I hope someone does it. :)

- Jimmy

On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 11:56 AM, Arnaud Patard
<arnaud.patard@rtp-net.org> wrote:
> Jimmy Kaplowitz <jkaplowitz@google.com> writes:
>>> So, what I've had in mind since very long time (as readers of this list
>>> know) is to advertise more broadly than we currently have done the
>>> "official" images we have. Therefore the reasons for my questions was to
>>> understand if, as you seemed to believe, none of the current images we
>>> currently have qualify for some official communication by the project.
>> I didn't actually say or mean that - I said "most or all" [of the
>> three public cloud image types] seemed not to qualify as "official
>> Debian". The EC2 images are the ones which I was least sure about, and
>> indeed they seem either official or quite close to it. This is much
>> less obvious for the other two. I was also making my comment in
>> reference to Lucas' original definition (revisions to that hadn't been
>> shared yet), and the overall focus of my comment was "let's
>> communicate officially even though they aren't official images, since
>> we already do for the unofficial Debian ISOs with firmware". We agree
>> official communication is totally reasonable.
>> The Google Compute Engine images have a few issues to address before
>> they might qualify as official from Debian's perspective, though I'm
>> pleased that they're close enough to be called Debian. As for Windows
>> Azure, http://wiki.debian.org/Cloud/WindowsAzureImage makes it clear
>> that to follow the Azure build instructions, you have to follow
>> directions maintained by Joyent in their GitHub space to compile a
>> non-Debian version of Node.js, after which you use Node.js's package
>> manager npm to obtain azure-cli from non-Debian repositories. This
>> seems like it fails any reasonable definition of Debian maintenance of
>> build tools. Some might also be concerned by the requirement for Azure
>> credentials to build an image.
> To clear some misunderstanding: the azure node.js tool is needed to
> manage things from the command line. To build an image, there's no need
> for credentials or something like that. You don't need any extra tools
> too (including azure-cli): everything is in debian (the main missing
> tool was the agent 'waagent', which is in testing and unstable).
> For what it worth, I'm using this script to build my images:
> http://git.hupstream.com/?p=projects/azure-image.git;a=blob;f=azure.sh;h=65bff7b332912a0446baf693acdfc36decdd060f;hb=HEAD
> If you manage to find something used by this script not in sid, please
> shout :)
> Arnaud

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