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Adding cloud-init in the next Wheezy point release

Dear Release team,

In this thread:

we have been discussing how we could have cloud-init in the Debian cloud

One solution is to enable wheezy-backports by default in the images.
Though there are some concerns that we shouldn't do that, as this isn't
the default in Debian right now.

The other solution would be to add cloud-init in the next point release
of Wheezy. We all know that there's some strong rules that we shouldn't
add new things in the stable distribution, even more after the freeze.
However, there has been some exception, like for example for the kernel
which includes new drivers. I believe we are in this kind of exception,
where the package is a crucial piece, without which the Debian cloud
images will never work. Building an official Debian cloud image without
it is not an option, unfortunately. Cloud-init is indeed an industry
standard, as described in the above thread, and is mandatory.

Also, I believe that cloud-init has been tested at least few 10th of
thousands of times. It is used each time a virtual machine boots in a
cloud, which is quite often! :)

So, I would like to have the opinion of the stable release manager.
Would it be possible to add cloud-init in the next stable point release,
so that we avoid adding wheezy-backports in our standard cloud images?
Is there any kind of condition we should meet to have it accepted by the
stable release managers? Your thoughts?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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