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Re: official images status quo

On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 10:45:38PM +0200, Anders Ingemann wrote:
> > Anders, if you've a moment, can you explain if there are blockers
> > that stop you from using one of the euca2ools version available in
> > Debian, and in particular version 2.0.2-1 which is now in Debian
> > stable
> I had to check the source to figure out my original reasoning for that
> :-), it says:
> # We use euca2ools to communicate with AWS
> # The package in squeeze is v 1.2, which does not support EBS images
> Are we still concerned with bootstrapping *from* squeeze? Otherwise we
> can easily just use the one from the repo.

I don't think we should be. squeese is oldstable now. While it is nice
if it could be used as a platform to boostrap VM images *from*, it
shouldn't get in the way of doing the same in what is nowadays stable.
Also, two more arguments for not keeping that as strong requirement:

1) If you tag nicely in Git the latest version of build-debian-cloud
   that could be used to boostrap from squeeze (and possibly document
   that), people will still be able to do that. Yes, no new development
   will happen on it, but that's more than expected for oldstable in

2) Let's don't forget that the main public for VM images are final
   users, who will use images prebuilt by Debian. It is nice, and in
   fact amazing, that people could build their own images, but there's
   nothing wrong in saying "well, you've to use a recent-ish Debian to
   do that" --- or resort to the latest working version on that release
   as per point (1) above.

> > the boto patch pulled from a BTS: is there any reason not to at
> > least copy that patch in the build-debian-cloud repo? I think that
> > would be an improvement and, actually, not that different from our
> > usual practices (we do routinely embed 3rd party patches in package
> > source packages)
> No reason; not sure why I haven't done that long ago. I have to check
> if this is fixed in wheezy, maybe we can avoid it entirely, or simply
> fix it in the repo.
> If we do those things, we can install *everything* from the repo, no
> third-party stuff needed.


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