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Re: official images status quo

Jimmy Kaplowitz <jkaplowitz@google.com> writes:

>> So, what I've had in mind since very long time (as readers of this list
>> know) is to advertise more broadly than we currently have done the
>> "official" images we have. Therefore the reasons for my questions was to
>> understand if, as you seemed to believe, none of the current images we
>> currently have qualify for some official communication by the project.
> I didn't actually say or mean that - I said "most or all" [of the
> three public cloud image types] seemed not to qualify as "official
> Debian". The EC2 images are the ones which I was least sure about, and
> indeed they seem either official or quite close to it. This is much
> less obvious for the other two. I was also making my comment in
> reference to Lucas' original definition (revisions to that hadn't been
> shared yet), and the overall focus of my comment was "let's
> communicate officially even though they aren't official images, since
> we already do for the unofficial Debian ISOs with firmware". We agree
> official communication is totally reasonable.
> The Google Compute Engine images have a few issues to address before
> they might qualify as official from Debian's perspective, though I'm
> pleased that they're close enough to be called Debian. As for Windows
> Azure, http://wiki.debian.org/Cloud/WindowsAzureImage makes it clear
> that to follow the Azure build instructions, you have to follow
> directions maintained by Joyent in their GitHub space to compile a
> non-Debian version of Node.js, after which you use Node.js's package
> manager npm to obtain azure-cli from non-Debian repositories. This
> seems like it fails any reasonable definition of Debian maintenance of
> build tools. Some might also be concerned by the requirement for Azure
> credentials to build an image.

To clear some misunderstanding: the azure node.js tool is needed to
manage things from the command line. To build an image, there's no need
for credentials or something like that. You don't need any extra tools
too (including azure-cli): everything is in debian (the main missing
tool was the agent 'waagent', which is in testing and unstable).

For what it worth, I'm using this script to build my images:

If you manage to find something used by this script not in sid, please
shout :)


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